Why are Migun Pain Relief mats so effective?

It’s the combination of the deep far infrared heat, negative ions and Migun’s specially designed ceramic tile stone.  

Migun Pain Relief mats are FDA registered and have been in production for over 20 years.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee to give you time to see if it works for you.

How long does it take to work?
Most people will start to notice a difference in a few days to a few weeks. Everyone is different it may take two to three weeks to see results. We encourage you to use it every day. The effects are cumulative, the more you use it the better the results.

What is so special about far infrared heat?
 It is a special heat that has the ability to penetrate your body 2 ½” to 3” deep. It helps to expand arteries and veins, increasing circulation and blood flow, similar to the way your body works when you exercise. It will also help your muscles relax, alleviate pain, boost your immune system, improve metabolism and encourage your cells to vibrate which helps to speed up the body’s own natural repair mechanisms.

How can negative ions help you feel better?
Negative ions help to promote cellular activity which can boost the immune system and help your blood cells, lymph nodes and nervous system to function more efficiently. The negative ions that you breathe in mix with hemoglobin, a protein found in our blood that carries oxygen through your body. The negative ions are then carried to various parts of the body and help improve your metabolic process. 

Why are the stones and minerals used in our ceramic tile important?
Our special ceramic tile is custom made with 13 different carefully selected natural minerals and stones that help to enhance far infra-red and negative ion levels. These include a variety of volcanic stones such as basalt and zeolite, tourmaline, germanium, elvan, kiyoseki and more.

Here are some comments from our customers:
“I’m going to tell my pain doctor about your mat. It has really helped me.” 
“He’s really feeling better, it’s been so long since he has felt relief.” 
“No more pain and best of all no more stiffness.” 
“I am sleeping so well.  You can't imagine how life changing it is to be able to sleep more than 4 hours at a time.” 
“I used to have trouble sleeping through the night. Now I average 7-8 hours, which is huge for me.” 
“My mat is also a life saver when I am traveling - no more back pain. It is also great for cramps.” 

Migun Pain Relief Therapy Mats

Pain Relief, Without Pills

Mini Mat Duo

 The Mini Mat Duo’s unique design incorporates two gold plated jade far infrared units with our amazing far infrared negative ion mat to bring a stronger deeper treatment to the areas where you need it most.​ It will provide deep far infrared treatment for neck and shoulder pain. Use it to focus on prostate, circulation, urinary, or hemorrhoid issues.
MG-3300                              $595

(18.5” x 18.5”  9.92 lbs.) FREE Shipping*

Mini Mat

Our Mini Mat can treat large areas like your back, legs or stomach. Use it while you are in a chair at work, on the sofa or in bed at night. Adjustable temperature settings on all Migun Mats create a relaxing treatment for everyone.​
MG-3600                              $395 

20.5” X 42.5” 11.9 lbs.)   FREE Shipping*

Healthy Wrap

Choose our Healthy Wrap if you are looking for pain relief for small areas of your body, such as your knee, your elbow, your low back, or even a sore shoulder. The healthy wrap provides deep concentrated heat in a compact design for everyday use.

​​MG-3100 ​                  $279 
 (9” x 25” 2 lbs.)        FREE Shipping​*

*In the contiguous U.S., shipping charges applied in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

*In the contiguous U.S., shipping charges applied in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

*In the contiguous U.S., shipping charges applied in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

*In the contiguous U.S., shipping charges applied in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

Single Size Healthy Mat

Looking for an amazing sleeping experience or a fully body mat to lay on?

This mat provides far infrared and negative ions from head to toe!
MG-301                      $1,295
(34” x 75” 30 lbs.)  FREE Shipping*