Therapy Tables

The HY7000UM-W Migun Physiotherapy Table is cutting edge pain management therapy for in home and professional clinical use. Migun Therapy will help to improve most types of chronic pain with many users reporting the ability to reduce or eliminate certain medications….READ MORE

Pain Relief Mats

Migun Pain Relief Mats are technologically designed with Far Infrared and Negative Ions to provide exceptional pain relief, increase circulation and help to support the immune system. Users report less pain, improved prostate symptoms, better range of motion, improved circulation….READ MORE

For Professionals

Limited nonprescription treatment options are available to people with chronic pain or chronic medical conditions. Medical professionals across North America have begun successfully incorporating Migun therapy into their practices. Migun therapy works! It has no side effects and takes very little time or effort on the part of the patient or professional. We offer training for medical professionals and full support if questions arise as you incorporate Migun Therapy into your practice.


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Laura O.

46 years-old, 16 months of use, 4 time a week…

  • Lost 22 lbs in first 6 weeks, then leveled off
  • Less frequent urination immediately
  • Longer periods of sleep and better energy immediately
  • More stable moods from 6 weeks on (bipolar and seasonal depression)
  • Pain free and med free from 3 months on (degenerative discs from the wrist down)
  • Nausea following experience to chemicals (housepainter)
  • Slipped L5 disc-used program 3, three times in one day, disc went back in
  • 1 ¼ inches taller after 15 months- never been 5’8” to my knowledge
  • 20/20 correction achieved in right eye after 3 years of a sloppy 20/30. No medical explanation could be offered by examiner
  • Shoulder length hair-has been cut shorter due to breakage since age 10
  • Strong nails, clear skin and eyes, very frequently asked, ‘what are you doing different?’

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Betsy L.

I have been using Migun for over a year. Because I worked, I usually got here 2-3 times a week. After a few months my cholesterol and sugar and BP all improved. Then I got busy and they became problematic again. During this period I exercised regularly and improved my diet (Mediterranean). After 8 months, I returned to Migun back to three days a week, and I began to sleep through the night. In March of this year, I took a break from work. I bought a home and stopped exercising, started eating fast food and felt very guilty. It was time to have my thyroid tested and I told the doctor’s office I did not want the full blood panel at this time as I feared the worst. I must add that since March, I came to Migun faithfully 5-6 times a week. It seemed to be the one constant in my life. When I went for the thyroid test, I had eaten breakfast, as it is fine with this test. The doctor called the lab and asked them to look at the full panel. Yesterday we reviewed the tests and was amazed that my sugar and cholesterol were lower than ever-even with food! The only thing I can attribute this to is consistent, regular use of Migun! Thank you so much!

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Vance R.

Thank to you. You have helped me tremendously in my profession as a golfer. My back is doing great thanks to you. I appreciate everything.

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Patricia M.

I absolutely love Migun and I recommend it to everyone I know. I just feel better in general and I appreciate the opportunity to visit Migun as often as I wish. Migun of Asheville and its staff are wonderful. They do a great job at education and making sure everyone feels welcome. Migun is the best! Thanks!

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